Those who have an open mind? The listener, who speaks to you, who understands you. Who comes to meet you and looks at you in the eye. Those interested to others, to their lives, their problems, their way of thinking. Who is enriched by the experience. We live in separate groups. The kids are with kids, teenagers and so on for all age groups. In many parties given by my acquaintances don’t even very young children.

The company is made up of barriers, of silence, indifference, prejudices. We assimilate the prejudices of our social, political and cultural group just talking amongst ourselves reading our newspapers and watching only the shows that we like. And when we meet someone who is hated by the group we feel an immediate sense of antipathy.

Yet sometimes, we are able to deliver us from this bondage of prejudice, for an instant our mind open, should have the courage to talk to that person, to read that book, to watch that movie that we scrapped and we discover amazed that instead is nice, interesting, fun. And there pops up in front of a prospect. Only those who have an open mind knows judge objectively. The closed mind is not only callous, it is also bad. In every human being there is always something we can discover and appreciate. Sometimes I think the openness of mind is, in its essence love and vital impulse.


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