The greatness of a leader does not depend on a single ability but from a set of qualities that have never even the same, because they are different peoples and historical circumstances he faces. Yet some features are common. A fundamental quality of the great leader is intelligence that identifies for the essential point of the problem, while others are lost on particular irrelevant things. Usually, has a great social sensibility, welcomes the emotions of people who feel loved by him and he loves it. He always possesses an extraordinary inner strength, a real passion to do that joins an unwavering tenacity and confidence in himself which allows him to drop a hundred times and to get up and start over. Who doesn’t at the end shows a weakness that can be fatal. He also knows how to establish strong friendships and alliances and manages to tighten around him a group of faithful who believe blindly in him. Also knows how to listen, be flexible and is able to convince and seduce those who think differently from him. Finally, we remind you that to become a true statesman the leader must also have a global vision of society, not to be absorbed by short-term disputes, but looking ahead.


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